Studio Ponitz SF Trip Photo Bonanza

IMG_20160122_165749624Hey fam,

I’m hoping we can all share our photos and experiences from the field trip together so later we can use them as presentation material or site photography, background images in renders, or for our ECS assignment.

Feel free to upload any and everything you’ve got. Notes, photos, panoramas, whatever.

More is more.

I’ve set up a google photo album that should be open to public to upload photos to. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason, it’s probably best to link to a imgur, flickr, dropbox, or other google photo album in the comments below.

PS: I can’t make any claims about the quality of my photos, my little phone camera sucks.


2 thoughts on “Studio Ponitz SF Trip Photo Bonanza

  1. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this David! I wonder if it would work best to use OneDrive to share any site/trip photos? I can set up a general class folder that everyone can access for this quarter and next, and include a subfolder for our field trip.


    • That might be a great idea too. Didn’t know if OneDrive does a gallery view like google, but worth a shot if it doesn’t eat up the 10gigs of space I have left with google.


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