Spare Biscuits!

A laboratory of fun! A retreat for the modern nomad.

[hobo] A free man/woman who is no longer trapped in the society of capitalism and time. He/she can go to sleep whenever he/she wants to, and do anything.   URBAN DICTIONARY

What? A place to [re]awaken creativity! There’s a maker in you! Events and products made by, for, and with the community. Locations spread out across cities, countries, and internationally. Each is a reaction to the people/culture that inhabit it, thus are all uniquely different.

Who? Misfits, kids (young and old), college graduates and dropouts

Why? Break the linearities of life and complete cycles–to be temporary and movable. To return us to becoming producers and sharers (not just consumers).

How? Rent for 1 day to 1 year, or come for a couple hours for brunch



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