Folkestone Sports Park – Guy Hollaway
Kent, UKshort-section-newer.0x768http://www.guyhollaway.co.uk/news/a-new-sports-park-for-folkestone/

What I find so incredible about this section is the dual spatial implication of form for the skatable floor and thus the experiential ceiling above. The second and third floor are the primary examples of this where the undulations in the ramps and bowls make for pretty wacky experiences below just as much as above. While we won’t necessarily be designing for skateparks moving forward, thinking about experiential sections in a similar way may be beneficial and thinking about how ever surface doesn’t have to be flat and planar.

The New School by SOM
New York, New York

This section renders the rest of the building somewhat indistinguishable but I think that that is what I like so much about this section. It brings the particulars of light into focus, rather than looking at the building as a whole. Because the section is simply of one of the classrooms at the New School, we are able to see exactly how the light is operating in that space to a higher level of detail than we would otherwise be able to examine from a full building section.

BMW Welt – Coop Himmelb(l)au
Munich, GermanyBMW Welthttp://www.coop-himmelblau.at/architecture/projects/bmw-welt/

I found Coop Himmelb(l)au’s section of the BMW Welt to be an exemplar of successful representation because it is a building with a lot of detail but it does a good job of keeping that detail in the background and letting the sectional qualities serve as the main focus. The heavy poche and line weights used are key in its success. Also, its sense of scale is successful because it relates the space to both people and cars which is key in this particular building because it is so centered around the product delivery for BMW. As we move forward, using technology and machines that may be used in our makerspace variations may be helpful in establishing our building’s scale as well.


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