Section Inspiration

tumblr_mpwcsmw50n1stfp8po1_12801 _ Lost in the Supermarket (2013), Ryan Blackford, Studio Project at University of Plymouth

In this section, a single colour is used to characterize the spaces and catch the eye.  Black and grey are creating a lot of depth in this drawing, and even though the background is relatively busy with an intense sky, it doesn’t steal the show.  Delicate rays of light from artificial and natural sources are added.  (Source)



2 _ Cultural Center in Guadalajara Competition Entry (2013), PM²G Architects

The intent of the section is clear: representing stairs as places to stroll rather than simple circulation from a story to another.  Also, spatial relations between gallery spaces and the ones between gallery spaces and circulation are shown.  This section lets us imagine many possible interactions and situations.  (Source)



3 _ Mixed Use Studio Project (2015), Desmond Lam, Auckland (NZ)

This section is treating a very diverse program with great clarity.  Relations to circulation atrium and natural lighting are easy to read.  Presence of faded context lets us imagine how the building interacts with it, from the street level to the top floors.  (Source)


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