CO-Design Phase 2

Scheme 1:

I was trying to formally achieve a massing design that can be sustainable in terms of sun penetration and ventilation. I was also trying to allow for a view to the new public park development in pier 70 as well as the water on the southeast façade. That explains the slope from the northwest to the southeast corner of the model. I was also trying to allow for public access and interaction by creating wide openings and courtyards on 3rd and Illinois street.


Scheme 2:

For this scheme, the intent was to create a clear gesture to the separation between working and living areas in the building while having an area where the two can interconnect. I was able to represent that gesture by creating interlocking blocks on each side of the model. I was also taking into account the way the sun penetrates the building so I maximized the models surface area to where most of it can be exposed to the sun. similar to scheme 1, the slope allows for maximizes views on the water and new development.


Scheme 3:

This scheme was mainly created as a metaphor for the idea of a special space that contains the display portion of the program. The model has a huge overhang representing a space that is derived from the combination of working and living spaces. I was also motivated by creating outdoor spaces that can be protected from cold wind and I was able to show that through a courtyard in the middle of the building and an outdoor terrace on top of the new space protected from western and northern western wind.


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