coLab [phase 2]

scheme one

The act of pushing and pulling mass is meant to help bridge the separation between makers and the community, both conceptually and physically.  The beginning form was guided by circulation (ground floor) and environmental considerations (tiers). The goal is to create “in-between” spaces both inside and outside where people can gather and different program can exist simultaneously.  I think this scheme has potential in seeing what unique program can be derived from these shifting masses causes physically mixed spaces.
Photo Feb 03, 1 09 34 AM*not my site model

scheme 2

The initial goal of this scheme was to orient the program in a such a way that it considers how the community would walk through the space.  I wanted the “community friendly” areas to be along the streetscapes.  The form also came from the idea that I wanted the exterior to be inhabited as much as the interior, so I created a rough idea for an alternating roofscape.  I think this scheme’s potential lies in its program layout and circulation.  I want to consider the implications of replacing the inner shop tower with the entirety of my makerspaces to see how I can begin to really integrate the act of making with community involvement.Formally, I think my idea of an interactive roofscape can be more developed.  I’m not sure how to do that yet in a way that will inform what happens on the inside.  I don’t want to just focusing on surface landscape design.


Photo Feb 03, 1 11 41 AM

scheme 3

This scheme began with my thinking about how the public could access both types of program.  In retrospect, a lot of the decisions I made were counterintuitive to the goals I was pushing for in all three schemes, so this one would need a lot of improvement.  An idea that I do want to try and work with is flipping this form over and working with a more or less lifted mass that has ample room on the ground floor to accommodate with outdoor community spaces. I also tried to have less “empty” ground area in this scheme because in my past schemes, I was underestimating how large my outdoor spaces would be in reality, but I feel like this scheme was a good exercise in why I shouldn’t make something too “mass-y” and shut out from its context.

Photo Feb 03, 1 09 48 AM


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