phase 2 [pnr4f]


[hybrid model 1]

this model explores the connection between 3rd street and illinois street as well as the distribution of public vs. private spaces in the north and south direction.  the two voids are a response to the sun’s path and my attempt at maximizing daylight. i tried to create an open, yet enclosed space that draws the public into the building (which is demonstrated through the ramped access points on the eastern and western sides of the site). i think this scheme could be improved if i readdress and reorganize the connections between programmatic elements.

[hybrid model 2]

in this iteration, the goal was to create a series of outdoor spaces for a variety of users, accessible from different points within the building. like the first iteration, i tried to use the sun’s path to inform my central void, allowing daylight to reach the deepest parts of the building. additionally, i focused on creating the main circulation path in relationship with the wind patterns — typically coming from the northwest. overall, i think this scheme needs to revisit the idea of void-to-mass relationships.

[hybrid model 3]

in this last model, i focused on the different views from the site (crane cove park to the east and the life on 3rd street to the west) as well as the distribution of public vs. private spaces, vertically. this allowed for a series of terraces and outdoor spaces as well as viewports to 3rd street from the eastern most edge of the site. i think this scheme is successful in creating outdoor spaces, but could be improved by reconsidering the program layout within the building.





responding to specific formal drivers (from left column to right column):

climate, context, typology, program

*note: north is up


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