Phase 2 Portfolio

Model 1: The Melting Pot

In retrospect this was my attempt to combine all the thoughts and moves I had in my head into a model. I tried to address the live/work layering for the artists, the entrances, the public pathway through the building, the three galleries and how they sit among the live/work spaces, placement of other program and the lighting. The model in rhino in rendered form was disappointing, the diagrams seemed cluttered and had too many steps, yet I feel like my section was my strongest point. It cleanly portrays most of the issues I tried to deal with in the diagrams.

model 1.6

Model 2: Public and Sunlight

This model attempts to address public and private needs for the artists. It also uses light as a form driver to bring in ambient light and buffer the private and public. It is a sectional diagram, and wants to be a 2D drawing instead. Out of all the models, I think this one is more successful because the the functions the forms serves have a certain character or qualities that can help define the space.



Model 3: The Galleries

Model 3 is for the narrative of the galleries. Since the pubic narrative starts below and progresses upward, the galleries change sectionally depending on the context of the site and program adjacent to them. The first one primarily responds to the street, the second, to the studio/gallery mix, and the third to the sunlight access and views.



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