s e c t i o n s



High House by Lebbeus Woods

This section has been one of my favorites because it really pushes the boundaries of what is architecture. I’m particularly interested in these in-between spaces and how they begin to connect to other spaces. Although it is rather on the imaginative side, I think there is a lot to learn in how the spatial qualities of the space begin to play with one another. The shapes and heights of the spaces are varied and seem to blur these boundaries.






Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art by Renzo Piano

I think this section does a great job in showing how the sun moves throughout the day and how natural lighting affects the placement of program. The exhibitions are washed with a light yellow in order to indicate the importance of natural daylighting in the space. Other spaces such as offices and mechanical systems do not depend on this natural lighting as much as these exhibitions do. In addition, the entourage tells a story of how these spaces are used.


representational technique

Q:Quebec MuseumGraphicsIllustratorStudiescascade91030Per

Beaux Arts Museum in Quebec by OMA

This is probably one of my favorite sections because it carefully captures the eye without being too overdone. I love the minimal yet detailed monochromatic background in contrast to these more bright collage elements. The colors are carefully selected and the program is represented clearly through collage and entourage.



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