Section Inspiration


ExLibris by Alexander Daxbock

This section does a really nice job using shading as the main means of portraying the light within the building. Additionally, the minimal use of color and the representation against a black background with white linework really draws attention to the drawing. [ExLibris]



Architectural Design + Research Studio Multi-Unit Housing by Clayton & Zhang

Although this is a very simple section drawing I think it does a nice job representing the spatial qualities and connections. From this, I think we can learn that a simple rendered section with environmental qualities can go a long way. [Research Studio + Housing]


FishTowerEvolvoCompetitionHsing-O Chiang

Fish Tower: eVolo Competition [Honorable Mention] by Hsing-O Chiang

I think this section is successful in capturing the context of the building as well as the dynamic spaces within the building. From this, I think we can learn that a black and white section can be just as informational as a color section. [Fish Tower]



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