Sectional Delight

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1_ Le Corbusier || Unite d’Habitation || Marseilles, France || 1952

Section in both model and drawing are representative of how living units are brought together. There is a clear understanding of how they overlay and gives feeling to the spaces i.e. their everyday uses.


2_ Silmu, 2015 || Finnish Architects: Sini Rahikainen, Hannele Cederström, Inka Norros, Kirsti Paloheimo, Maria Kleimola || Connection between Alvar Aalto museum and the Museum of Central Finland

These sections are delicate and invoke feelings of serenity, an expression that will be seen through the built project space. They call attention to where these passageways will be directly interacting with the museums and the background gives context but does not take away from the forefront. Color is subtle and works well. In addition, paired with these sections is a render for where the sections are taken.


3_ Steven Holl || Seona Reid Building || Glasgow, Scotland || 2014

I understand this was covered in your lecture, but Steven Holl is known for many of his hand watercolored building sections. This one is still one of my favorites for its control system clarity. From an ECS standpoint, these sections clearly indicate sunlight paths, thermal heating, and vertical ventilation for not only air circulation but cooling as well. Having sections like this with light context in the background and the connection to the ground will help display our climatic decisions in San Francisco.


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