Sections Support Story

In the spirit of Form Follows Fiction, these section diagrams are all of fictional buildings and scenarios.


I’m cheating with the first one by showing a section model because I can’t find some of the neat drawings and images Wes Anderson makes for his movies.

This one is from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I think the interesting parts of this model are the parts that make a Wes Anderson film so exciting to watch. He adds a lot of visual interest to his movies by riding the line between technical and aesthetic. For instance in this model he shows the framing members between the floors, but they clearly don’t serve a purpose especially in a naval vessel and especially along the front of the boat. His walls also rarely line up and the loads wouldn’t line up well in reality. The color palette and his use of contrasting lighted zones with the balance of complex textures and plain “white space” rooms really give the eye a lot to bounce back and forth between.



Many of David Macaulay’s drawings blur the line between section cut and diagram. He draws small scale objects and mechanisms at an architectural scale. Most of his drawings show the forces and reactions that make a system work. Probably very similar to our ECS sections.

He even diagrams the way some heating and cooling systems work. I recommend his [Ted Talk].


Last, I’m looking at Cedric Price’s Fun Palace from Archigram.

His illustrations have very spacial quality with a little depth field going on. I like they feel as if they are printed on layered vellum. The project was originally supposed to have very dynamic spaces with the only consistent part of the building being the structure, everything else is part of a mechanism that moves. No single configuration of the building is likely to be repeated in it’s lifetime.funpalace.jpg

Hopefully, we’ll all make Jeff proud and come up with something as amazing as Rem Koolhaus did after he saw these drawings.


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