S>O : Phase II

Massing _ First Explorations

Responding to ClimateResponding to ClimateResponding to ContextResponding to ContextResponding to TypologyResponding to TypologyResponding to the Narrative SchemeResponding to the Narrative Scheme

Massing _ Scheme 1

Starting from the basic interior courtyard shape, this scheme proposes relations to the street, but also relations to a shared, private outdoor space.  Corners have been punched in to create entry points from the street to the project.  Pushing and pulling the resulting volumes lets sunlight reach the courtyard and the main housing proposed South facade.  Rising the courtyard area permits an underground maker space and possibilities for sectional relations.  This scheme proposes interesting vistas for all.

3 massing options23 massing options

Massing _ Scheme 2

Spliting the full buildable envelope with the three main circulation paths provides shortcuts and pathways from the street to the center of the project.  The creation of a core brings a roundabout as a circulation and discovery strolling occasions.  Pushing and pulling the resulting volumes lets the sun in the project.  This scheme proposes a project centered around Bloom joined with a gallery and exhibition space for the makers.

3 massing options43 massing options3.jpg

Massing _ Scheme 3

Starting from the full buildable volume, this scheme is a series of translations, distributing the interior areas on the site.  Corners are made accessible with smaller translations, and vistas are assured by choping the upper volumes in direction of the water.  Resulting is an opportunity for many different spaces and experiences.

3 massing options63 massing options5


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