Square One Phase 2

3 Tower Scheme

The major goals and drivers for this scheme were to respond with passive climate strategies and having enough space for micro units to be arranged in a multitude of ways. With three different towers, the micro units could bunch together as collectives and create unique workspaces that suit their needs and can have its own identity. Placing single loaded corridors on the outside edges of the towers also helps with shading and allowing ample daylight into the spaces.



Middle Slice Scheme

This scheme was more about the narrative and overall experience of the shape with some climatic response. The biggest move I made was to take a diagonal cut from the southern top edge of the box all the way down to the bottom northern edge and split into two masses, one hanging over the other. If the program would be separated, the public space/void in the middle would be the connection between both spaces by allowing them to be visually connected to each other.

stackedmodelsequence [Converted]_Artboard 1stackedmodelsequence [Converted]-01


Bridge Scheme

This final scheme responds more to its surroundings and attempts to draw people into it by having a large courtyard that can get you from 3rd St to Illinois St by walking in between both buildings as opposed to walking through 19th St. There’s a large distance between both buildings and adding a bridge to connect them and use them as usable walking space on top and also use it to frame views out to the city.

model3buildings [Converted]-01model3buildings [Converted]-02


Plans + Sections

Top – Bridge scheme

Middle – Middle slice scheme

Bottom – 3 tower scheme

model3buildings [Converted]-03.png


Note: I used Danial Mahfoud’s site model to plug in my massing models because I did not have one built yet.


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