Meiteration phase 2


The predominant considerations for this design were program narrative and typology. The form is inspired by the healing pods exploding from the mass and ascending towards heaven, meanwhile leaving voids behind. I think the solid-void relationship of this scheme as well as the abstract concept of the healing pods are things that are worth pushing forward.


The predominant consideration for this design was program narrative. The public entertainment cores are suspended bubbles that are connected by a glass runway that glows from above with sunlight. I think the runway is something I should continue exploring in future iterations while trying to express it more on the building’s exterior to attract the passerby. Lots of reviewers suggested that I combine scheme 1 and 2.


This design was driven mostly by external factors – climate and context. I don’t think the form is something that I will necessarily carry through because it is not specific enough to the program. However, the environmental response tactics such as pushing in the faces of the building and being mindful of ventilation are strategies I can still employ in future iterations.


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