m(ixer)aker Phase 2

Scheme 1

The drivers behind this scheme were to create an experiential atrium for pedestrians walking through the building on their way to crane cove park and to create a well lit interior for residents of the building. This building was also inspired by playing with the typical courtyard scheme commonly seen in San Francisco. This scheme’s potential lies in the interesting spaces created by the atrium space and play with the connecting atrium spaces.



Taken on Danial Mahfoud’s site model

plan section-1

Scheme 2

This scheme was driven by environmental and site factors and focuses on creating reflected southern light for interior spaces. A large driver is connecting the interior to the new Crane Cove Park, creating ventilation in the process, and creating two different types of openings: one public and one private. This scheme’s strengths lie in it’s environmental strategies and site-based moves.



Taken on Danial Mahfoud’s site model


splan section-2

Scheme 3

This scheme was driven by the narrative extablished for this building in phase 1. With housing placed at the top, a first floor dedicated to public activity and offices placed in between, this scheme’s main focus is on organizing program. This scheme places Makerspace at the center and uses it to connect he different programatic spaces. This scheme’s strength lies in it’s ability to house the proposed activity of the building well and in its ability to keep outdoor spaces for housing and a first floor that encourages movement towards Cran Cove Park.



Taken on Danial Mahfoud’s site model

plan section-3


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