Section Show Standouts

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sections from yesterday’s section show, as you work towards your section show tomorrow…we can do better, right?


strategic color pop highlights particular spaces of interest. muted band running across page emphasizes zone where earth meets sky, could also signify an important zone of context.


good use of photographic entourage. laundry day upstairs; televisionistic chickens stilt-walking downstairs. use of continuous image in background is a little distracting.


subtle color and texture of sky allows foreground to be silhouetted as white.


speech and thought bubbles add to narrative quality.


nice combination of foreground and background tones, some idea of light and shadow (though it’s pretty ambiguous what is actual shadow, and what is just moody background). 


videogame-like space translates into graphic language. an actual project narrative is superimposed over the drawing. 


diverse programs and activities show up as entourage.


pretty straightforward, but nice. tone and texture are used for the earth and sky, and nothing else.


it has a bunch of drones flying around generating energy for the project, what’s not to love?


diagrams and explanatory text seem to generate this section.



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