The feedback that I received during my review gave me insight into what I should refocus my attention on and how to move forward with my project. I was able to get a sense of what parts of my projects are working and what ideas I should leave behind. I think I really need to go back and cut down on what I currently have to essential moments within the building. I feel like I have so much that I am trying to incorporate into the project, that consequently, the spaces that I’m creating are losing the qualities that should actually be embraced.

From here, I really want to try to reorganize, and create more consolidated spaces. To do this, I think I really need to redirect my attention to creating a unique experience for the users. As the critics had mentioned, I also think I need to address and study the first principles and pinpoint exactly what I want to achieve through this project. Essentially, I think I need to simplify my building organization and consolidate spaces according to a defined, experiential set of principles.



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