Midreview presentation

Midreview presentation2

This project focuses on the making of art. It serves both artists and the public.

Midreview presentation3

People mostly encounter art through museums, yet lack the understanding and appreciation of it. The strategy proposed seeks to lift the museum and expose the process of making art. Furthermore, the street level incorporates program that invites the public in, triggering the narrative.

Midreview presentation4

In this parti, the “process”, which used to be a solid wall, acts as a membrane that is permeable. By breaking this barrier, artists and the public gain appreciation for the making of art. Therefore, the museum holds more value; it has become a “celebration” of art.

Midreview presentation5

Midreview presentation6

Dogpatch is located in San Francisco. It is known for being in the “designer” hub over the years.

Midreview presentation7

The blue square indicates the site. To the east, there is a ship repair port, as well as Pier 70.

Midreview presentation8

To the right of Illinois St is the ship repair port. On 3rd St there is a “Muni” which runs to the west of the building.

Midreview presentation9

In the future, there will be a park development just across the street of the site.

Midreview presentation10

The narrative focuses on the “process” because it is a unique subject introduced to the building.

Midreview presentation11

Visual Connection is important to create an indirect way of community. People will be able to see others making, which can trigger inspiration.

Midreview presentation12

The public will be submerged into the world of the artist. Each artist resident has a studio in which they can work privately as well as live in. On certain occasions the artist can open up their studio to exhibit and sell their work. The public will be able to gain an intimate experience with the art and its maker.

Midreview presentation13

Discussion is also a major part of process. Artists and the public will be able to talk about ideas and educate each other.

Midreview presentation14

The “process” helps a person to realize or discover a deeper perspective of art. This metaphor can be carried out in and out of the building. Outside, people will see only hints of what is happening inside and draw them in.

Midreview presentation15

Midreview presentation16

Similar to the parti, the general program is laid out like so. To the right, the “process” are studio residences, and to the left, the “process” is shared work space.

Midreview presentation17

This section represents the experiential aspect of the building.

Midreview presentation18

The light well provides ambient light needed for making art. Balconies punch out into it allow artists to be drawn out to work there. This creates a visual connection between different spaces and levels.

Midreview presentation19

There is the optional bridging of the public into the personal studio of the artist.

Midreview presentation20

Discussion is suggested by a small ampatheater located adjacent to the main circulation core.

Midreview presentation21

The path of the public does not fully expose the entire space, yet there are fragments revealed that can be suggestive and motivate the person to figure it out.

Midreview presentation22

This section cuts through the light well shown in the East section.

Midreview presentation23

The shared making space has balconies punching out to make a prime work spot.

Midreview presentation24
Navigating through the process, one has discovered a new perspective of art, and can fully realize its value. Similarly, one may also realize the building with a higher and clearer vantage point from the museum.




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