S>O : Phase III

Mid-Review Feedback

Great ideas and concept that provides opportunities for growth of project.  How does sharing affect housing?  Co-housing does not mean that private spaces do not exist.  It means that residents can make a choice to be together sometimes.  Diagrams and naming of spaces are successful.  Massing should be pushed further: width of different sections of the donut shape should be generated by the program’s needs.

Where Is S>O Going ?

S>O is housing where people interact and connect with others.  It’s housing where sharing generates making.  The sharing aspects of the program need to be integrated deeper into the housing.

Next Steps

Now that the relations between the spaces are clearer, I should define those spaces and the activities that happen in them in a more detailed manner.  There are some mini Blooms throughout the living units.  Next step will be determining how the Food Lab, the Maker Space, and the Library can appear at a smaller scale in the housing as well.

CSP_Midterm ReviewCSP_Midterm Review2CSP_Midterm Review3CSP_Midterm Review4CSP_Midterm Review5CSP_Midterm Review6CSP_Midterm Review7CSP_Midterm Review8CSP_Midterm Review9CSP_Midterm Review10CSP_Midterm Review11CSP_Midterm Review12CSP_Midterm Review13CSP_Midterm Review14CSP_Midterm Review15


Solid/Void Model



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