Table Top

My review was quite prolific and I received a lot of helpful feedback from my reviewers, Meredith and Brent. Moving forward, I was advised to pay a closer attention to the boundaries between spaces and how rigid or fluid the play between spaces should be. My distinction between ideation and creation was well received and I was pressed to take that further and establish it as a part of a gradient between spaces. The concept of ideation spaces is one that I am still working out and I was also advised to think of the unconventional like the shower or the dream where sparks of inspiration often strike. Also thinking about the difficulties of when inspiration doesn’t strike and rather ideation as a whole goes on halt, what a refuge from thought or a incubator for producing thoughts might look like.

Now that I have gotten a glimpse of how my ideas are developing from an outsiders perspective, I plan to start defining the connections and fluidities between spaces that I want to have. I think this may manifest from a sort of hybrid between the sections we’ve been doing and a bubble diagram, where I start to address the linearities between spatial definitions and access how linear and how easy people see/circulate/hear between them. I also think that I will need to find a way to better chop up the ideation space designated in my current section which is essentially a large and semi-curated block dedicated to thinking.




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