coLab [phase III]

midreview_page1midreview_page2midreview_page3midreview_page4midreview_page5midreview_page6midreview_page7midreview_page8midreview_page9midreview_page10midreview_page15midreview_page16Photo Feb 19, 2 09 15 PMPhoto Feb 19, 2 09 25 PM copy

My feedback mostly focused on how rational my massing was in comparison to my hybridized program.  The critics encouraged me to be more adventurous with the forms and think in 3D.  As I move forward, I really want to resolve the three dimensional aspects of my project because that was something I really struggled with when I was working with my sections and solid/void model.  Now, I feel like I need to work with models to figure out some of the inner nooks and crannies of my project because I had a hard time visualizing them when I was working digitally.


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