During the mid review I didn’t get much feed back because they didn’t understand what I was saying or I because I didn’t give a great presentation. What they did Margarita Yin did comment said that my placing of spaces seemed to work. Umit wanted me to connect phase two with my solid void model and also wanted to know if my week one stuff was still driving my design. I want to take my work to a my programmatic phase along with knowledge of what spaces I want to have within my project. I need to go back and review my previous phase and maybe redo some of the phase tiles to get a clearer understanding of my project now.DANIELV_MID REVIEWDANIELV_MID REVIEW2DANIELV_MID REVIEW3DANIELV_MID REVIEW4DANIELV_MID REVIEW5DANIELV_MID REVIEW6DANIELV_MID REVIEW7DANIELV_MID REVIEW820160219_15385120160219_15383320160219_153915


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