At my review I received great feedback from Doug and Dale. Doug suggested that the idea of perfection should be taken further than just aesthetic or visual perfection (which would lead to homogenization) and that instead, the body reconstructions would lead to differentiation and performative superpower. For example, someone might receive an operation to get sticky fly-hands, which they would be able to exercise by swinging throughout the building on special walls that are only able to be used by those with fly-hands. This would allow the concept to be more about experience and interaction with the architecture than pure visual connection. Dale had similar advice and also mentioned that pragmatics can affect the form. I can find form drivers by delving deeper into how pieces of the building work. For example, these operations will need to be conducted by heavy machinery — these machines will probably need a lot of energy; where will this energy come from, and how would that affect the building form? He also asked the question of how reconstructing someone’s face could alter their identity and what this might entail.

Moving forward I think that the first thing I need to do is to try and take on Doug’s advice. This may steer the concept in a new direction that has the possibility of creating a richer and more interesting building.




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