Kinetic Autonomous Station I


I’m very pleased with my review and am hungry for more.

My reviewers were Kent and Angela and they both were intrigued by my project.

Kent’s initial opinion was that this type of conceptual pie-in-the-sky project is not his type of thing, but he likes it. He says I appear to know what I’m talking about and he trusts me to see it through. He mentioned that I should look up the Tranvaal House by Stanley Saitowitz.

Angela was a little overwhelmed by how much material I blew through in 8 minutes and wanted me to focus it down a little bit for her. She said she really liked the premise of the project and would prefer a San Francisco that isn’t defined by the tech industry. A San Francisco with cheaper rent and more heritage. She suggest I look up Ant Farm’s Inflatables project from the 1970s.

I talked with Thom Fowler after the fact and he mentioned similar things. He was impressed with the amount of research and thinks that picking up on the ideas in Archigram is a really effective and lofty goal. He picked apart the mechanical system happening in my program model. He said that as is right now, it’s very likely to become a gimmick. He mentioned the Wyly Theatre is successful. He also mentioned Calatrava’s Milwaukee Museum and said it’s kinetics were beautiful, but without utility. He said my design needs to focus on circulation through the space. And that square rooms don’t work.

Where this means I’m going is right where Thom suggested. Next my building will have to take form and I’ll have to pick some building materials. I’ll have to find a practical way to connect all the space together and how to provide effect vertical circulation. There are many opportunities for picking a mechanical system and I really don’t know where to go with this, so I have to try them all.

program model

void modelsite

dspiva midreview present-page-001dspiva midreview present-page-003

dspiva midreview present-page-005dspiva midreview present-page-008dspiva midreview present-page-009dspiva midreview present-page-010dspiva midreview present-page-014dspiva midreview present-page-015dspiva midreview present-page-018dspiva midreview present-page-019dspiva midreview present-page-021dspiva midreview present-page-022

And for those with long attention spans, additional, informative, but less compelling images below. vvvvvvvvvv


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