Final Review Requirements

Our final review will be held in the Berg Gallery on Tuesday, March 8, from 2-6pm. All work (drawings and models) must be pinned up and displayed in the Berg by 2pm on Tuesday, or it will not be reviewed. Each project will have a 4’x8′ panel on which to pin up; you may choose to pin up a single poster, or a series of individual drawings. In either case, I STRONGLY recommend that you take a few hours to storyboard your presentation using this InDesign file–this will help you block out what drawings you need, and how they’ll relate to each other, so you can work backwards from that.

The artifacts below are the absolute minimum required materials for review. Keep in mind that the real purpose of these artifacts is to get your audience excited about your overall vision, and to show them how you propose to make that vision happen. To do this, your presentation must make your decision-making process clear, convincing, and beautiful.


  • Name of your proposed institution/community (or project title)
  • Mission Statement for your proposed institution/community
  • Diagrams that communicate how this institution works
  • 3-4 Vignettes
    • These can still utilize collage and montage, but should be considered presentation-quality perspective drawings: fully developed and richly represented–they are really perspective drawings that
    • If you are noticeably making use of a precedent as part of this image, you must credit the original project and author in minimum 7 pt font (e.g. adapted from Murmur Wall by Future Cities Lab)
  • Site sections in both directions
    • At least one of these must be 1/8″=1′-0″
    • You may choose to combine one or both of these with your Arch 307 design integration section; you may also “re-use” elements of one of your sections and develop it as a separate “Sustainable Strategies” section printed at a smaller scale.
  • 3D Diagrams (approximately 1/64″ scale)
    • Show the formal and organizational logic (climate, context, living unit typology, concept narrative)
    • Show void space and circulation
    • It’s recommended that you show diagrammatic floor plans (same view and scale as 3D diagrams) so that you don’t need to create separate plans below.
  • Plan diagrams (minimum two, 1/64″ scale)
    • Show the ground floor, and a somewhat “typical” floor that includes living units
    • Clearly show vertical and horizontal circulation; and entrance/exit points to the public way (sidewalks)
    • Clearly show the divisions between living units
    • Show program (and be clear about what it means–you can’t just call a space “Making” and expect people to understand what happens there).
  • Context plan and climate analysis (in concert with ECS)  
    • Show where sun is coming from in morning/afternoon, summer/winter
    • Show where wind is coming from seasonally
    • Show key views into/out of site
    • Show pedestrian access and connections (such as public transit)
  • Programmatic section studies (in concert with ECS)
    • Show 2 key programmatic spaces during heating and cooling seasons
    • These are design sections as much as ECS sections!


  • Sited 1/32″ Model
    • Site organization (massing as well as outdoor spaces)
    • Solid/void relationships in the interior
    • Consider how this model may serve as a 3D diagram, relating back to your graphic diagrams below.
  • 1/8″ ClusterChunk Model
    • A prototypical cluster of spaces that are representative of the relationship between living, working, making, etc.
    • Must include at least one living unit, and how it connects to other spaces.
    • Must extend to the ground and represent its relation to the site in some way. Model the ground as a substantial base.

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