Seattle Itinerary

Below is a basic itinerary for Seattle. I will send out a more detailed PDF version, complete with archi-nerd notes, in the next couple days.


  • We are forecast to get typical Seattle weather: around 50 degrees and rainy. This will not stop us from exploring the city! Bring rain gear and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Bring your sketchbook and drawing implements! We will be slowing down at 1-2 sites per day to draw.
  • I recommend downloading the Uber app—it’s generally the best and cheapest way to get around the city. We will walk whenever possible, but for a couple longer trips and in case of bad weather, we will probably want a ride. The app allows you to split the fare amongst multiple people.
  • I made a Google map of Seattle sites—many of which we will visit, some of which we won’t. If you have the Google Maps app on your phone, you can open this map up on your phone and navigate to points of interest. Here is the link:
  •  For the EMP museum on Sunday, we are getting a student group rate of $10 (instead of $22). The only requirement is that all of us need to pay as a group. Bring cash! As a professor I’m not allowed to handle money from students, so one of you will need to volunteer to collect money when we get to EMP. The same might be true of other destinations.
  • The best way to get from SEA-TAC airport to your hotel is to take the Link light rail to the University Street Station ($3, 40 minutes, previous stop is Pioneer Square). Then walk to 3rd Ave and Union St, then take the 28 Bus (Carkeek Park) to Dexter Ave and Denny Way (7 minutes). From there, it’s a couple blocks to the hotel. More info on transit here:


This schedule is tentative, and may change based on weather or the discovery of a better itinerary.


  • 9:00am Meet at Olympic Sculpture Park by Weiss Manfredi
    • 20 minute walk from Holiday Inn
    • If you need coffee on the way, recommend Drip City (2929 1st Ave)
    • We will meet near the Paccar Pavilion (corner of Broad and Western)
  • 11:00 EMP Museum by Frank Gehry ($10 group rate)
  • Uber to Gasworks Park by Richard Haag
  • Uber to Bellevue Art Museum by Steven Holl ($10 group rate)
  • Studio Dinner?


  • 9:00am Meet at Pike Place Market (Original Starbucks)
  • 100 Stewart Street by Olson Kundig
  • Seattle Art Museum by Venturi Scott Brown / Allied Works
  • Ranier Tower/IBM Building by Minoru Yamasaki
  • Seattle Public Library by OMA and LMN
  • Seattle City Hall by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
  • 4:00 office visit: LMN Architects


  • 9:30 am Meet at Bullitt Foundation by Miller Hull
  • St. Ignatius Chapel by Steven Holl
  • Seattle Academy STEAM Building by Miller Hull
  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery -OR- Freeway Park by Lawrence Halprin
  • 2:00 office visit: NBBJ Architects
  • Alley 24 Apartments by NBBJ
  • REI Flagship Store by Mithun
  • Art Stable by Olson Kundig
  • Amazon campus (including HQ by NBBJ under construction)
  • South Lake Union Discovery Center by Miller Hull
  • Studio Dinner at Serious Pie by Olson Kundig

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