The Vault

Danial Mahfoud Final Poster[reduced]

Winter Final Poster

This institution is about creating multi-use laboratory spaces that contain private/secretive creation processes of cutting edge high-tech products while reflecting public appearance that can be described as intricate and complex. The futuristic laboratory shell functions as an attractor for the public to enter the institution and experience its features. Organizing the vaults programs result from the contrast in experiences between public and private. Public spaces have a specific role in which they act as the plug that holds the modules of private functions (housing units-laboratories-testing pods).


alpha looking at lab

Testing pods looking at the labs

living pod

Scientist micro-units

inside lab

Vision of lab space

looking east [Converted]

Section looking east

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 5.33.09 PM

Sectional organization

looking north [Converted]

Section looking east



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