SD Review Blog Post

Please post your Schematic Design Review summary/reflection to the blog before Friday’s studio. One post per project. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Title your post with SD: [Project Title]. For example, SD: Spare Biscuits
  2. Tag your post with SD and Presentations
  3. Begin your post with a short written “elevator pitch” (approximately 5 sentences???) that encapsulates what is amazing and unique about your project.
  4. Include images of all major work presented at the review. If you formatted your work on a poster,  You don’t need to include inspiration/precedent images or trace paper sketches, but DO include your unit plan precedents.
    1. This includes model photos! An in-focus cell phone photo on a clean background is sufficient for this. Axon-style views tend to be the most informative.
  5. End with a written reflection on the feedback you received. What got critics excited about your project? What were areas of weakness? Did they ask any tough questions that you couldn’t answer? What is your plan for putting that feedback into ACTION moving forward?  You worked hard for this review, and 15 faculty members donated their time to your projects, so please demonstrate that these were productive conversations! If you’re working in a team, you can work with your teammate to develop a single reflection, you can format this as the transcript of a conversation between the two of you, or any other format that gets the point across.

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