SD: CerebREAL – S+S Partners

CerebREAL allows for a more efficient and higher quality of making utilizing a core that acts as a bodily extension of the maker. It is a central system that streamlines the building by collecting and distributing people, data and making essentials to serve the maker regardless of their location.

Chloe_Alex_Midreview_PosterChloe_Alex_Midreview_Poster2MATERIAL STUDY


The feedback we received was to push our project into reality by establishing a specific clientele. In reference to how a karate school may be structured, our project needs to develop a hierarchy of “masters”. These experts should have a certain degree of experience that qualifies their role or job here.

Another valuable critique focused on the mechanical delivery system and how it almost need it’s own “egress” diagram; it has it’s own set of rules and design needs.

This carried over to how to make our idea of exposing the system on the facade successful. The “return” part of the mechanical delivery system is intended to be along the perimeters of the building. We were turned to think about how to manipulate how movement can be expressed through manipulation and placement of solid versus transparent facade patterns next to the “return”.

Overall, we were thankful for our help and look forward to wrapping up the design with these in mind.


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