SD: Me-Iterate

Our bodies are works of art that are meant to be redesigned and reiterated; canvases for experimentation and exploration.

Me-iterate is a factory for manipulating your body to achieve optimal beauty and performance. It is a place for designing and operating, healing, and testing. Designing and operating occurs in the factory, healing occurs in the therapy cloud, testing occurs on the arena.

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I received great feedback at the review. Here are some main points.

  • The arena in the model doesn’t reflect what it’s doing in the section. It looks like it became a decorative surface tacked onto the floorplates – ah! Design the arena first and then  design the floorplates and see what happens when they collide. The arena should become an atrium to replace the courtyard.
  • It is unclear how the different elements of the building are connected. Think about how slab, arena, living unit, etc will touch each other. Does arena support slab? Does slab support arena? Should units punch through arena?
  • Where’s the structure? Insert structural grid and columns, perhaps using living unit as grid spacing. Integrate the structure into the design. The structural pattern can help create modularity that is repeated.

Moving forward I am going to design the arena first and then introduce the floorplates instead of vice versa because it will help the arena keep its integrity. Experiment more with how the arena intersects and connects to other spaces. Think about how the development of a conventional structural system on the slabs can be a framework for the arena to latch onto.


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