SD: Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a place of exploration and discovery. It gives excitement and purpose to intentional and accidental interactions. Its goal is to make you share- share your time and knowledge- and that this is something fun and celebrated. Ultimately, sharing cultivates the best environment for creativity.

MidreviewBoard1PRINT drawingsPRINT short section.jpg

Site Massing Model


Abstract Conceptual Model

Where to next?

Our next step is to strengthen our concept through our formal language. Our critics at midreview helped give clarity to our concept. The overarching feedback was to break the floor plates or just remove them completely. The idea of glorifying sharing was clarified by a circulation that was more inefficient and exploratory. Doug Jackson felt that our initial organization of program didn’t do our concept justice. By removing housing from the gems and transferring them to the perimeter of the building, it takes away the hierarchal system that we wanted to steer clear of. Then, by making circulation and interaction the central idea and quite literally the central attraction, it really gives purpose and playfulness to the gems that we sought to showcase.


Sophia Liu + Simone Miller



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