SD: Spare Biscuits

SPARE BISCUITS is a place that elevates “play” to be the highest and most productive form of living. It is an indoor playscape that allows for limitless imagination and creativity though the act of play.

Midreview Poster2.jpg

Model photos here 

Project Reflection

EGRESS/CIRCULATION One major point of discussion was circulation, vertical organization. Can the wall be thickened and the vertical circulation elements embedded within it for maximum integration? Maybe the poche can become occupiable. The number of egress stairs can be limited to 2 if strategically placed and all access routes are considered (maxmum path of travel distance to be less that 200′ and dead end corridor no more than 50′)–in order to allot maximum space for more playful areas.

CLADDING Boring and tacked on! I agree. The cladding can be a much more dynamic to reflect the activities going on in the interior. Possibly the density and distance of the facade holes can respond to uses on the interior, becoming this snaking piece across the building.

DETAILS! Now that major premises are set and rules are defined, make sure it correlates! If light tubes are light tubes, make it visible on the section. If the sponge is connecting spaces, draw the section in a way that reflects that as well. Make it work! Consider how the south-facing units will receive light and make sure to elevate the back units above the front ones. Cross ventilation can also be suggested in a building just the the placement of rooms and directionality of the interior.Also, some of the spaces might want north light, so I need to consider that as well.

MATERIALITY Contrast of materials is good, but how can concrete become more light and transparent (maybe translucent concrete??? or maybe it is steel).

PROGRAM Correlate forms with program and specify the users and tools. Introduce the dynamism of the sponge into the basement, which is currently just a block. Also, I need to draw a ground floor plan.

INTEGRITY OF CONCEPT  Keep materiality and structure intergral to concept. Be strategic and rigorous when it comes to staying true to concept. The building can struggle to touch the sponge, and make sure that this is evident in the connection between the structures. Maintain the autonomy of both the sponge (free space) and spike. Maybe the sponge got in the way for the spike and it the sponge is transferring some of its qualities onto the spike. Their relationship is embedded in relationship of their parts. The sponge should not just be a BLANK SHEET of paper… it can have some genetics embedded in it (material and variation) so that can suggest various uses for different activity. For example, a ripple in the sponge can suggest a place to sit. Maybe some parts of the sponge are covered with grass! Leopard spots. Be rigorous, if you say there’s no programmed space in sponge–don’t deviate.



Moving forward, I would like to continue the conceptual development of my project. Developing the concept in relation to materials/structure/spaces is important to keeping its identity. Materials and specificity is what I will be concentrating on in . Of course, egress/circulation and structure can be developed, but I will not spend too much of my time on those elements.


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