SD: Swarm

The human body and mind are intertwined together in order to experience and learn through limitations and thresholds. Learning is a powerful tool in which knowledge can be easily spread from one generation to the next. For our project, we would like to propose an artists-in-residency program that would incorporate the utilization of the human senses into everyday teaching and learning. Sensory artists would teach a new generation of artists and also cultivate the minds of the public through large scale installations, in which the public can experience and learn about their own limitations. Through this, a loop of learning and teaching would encourage future generations to continue this process of making and informing.







From our critics, we have received a lot of feedback and suggestions on the structural elements of our building. During our review, it seemed a bit unclear as to what type of structural frame or material would be used in order to support to the large “swarm” throughout the floor plates. In addition, we will continue to work on the form of the building and find a rhythm in creating better circulation paths. Egress could definitely be cut down or modified to follow the form. There are mixed reviews on the form; some advocate for being able to see into the space, some think it should be closed off but modifiable. The connection between the masters and apprentices could relate more by including more liminalĀ spaces for interaction. In addition, bridging the sense-spaces and latching them onto other programmatic functions was commonly mentioned.


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