Fixing 3D Scans

3D scans of…you…can be found in our OneDrive folder. You will find that Digital You is full of holes, and has a cloud of stray polygons floating around You, making You unsuitable for 3D printing. The best way to fix this is probably using Meshmixer, free software available from Autodesk. You can download Meshmixer, and find an online manual, at There is also a pretty good video tutorial here.

After playing around with Meshmixer for a bit, here are a few tips:

  • You will need to import (not open) your STL file.
  • Zooming and orbiting the view are similar to Rhino, but to pan you must hold down ALT+SHIFT+LEFT MOUSE
  • Before editing a mesh, you need to use the Select tool to select the area you want to edit. There are a few different ways to do this, including drawing a lasso around them (good for stray polygons in the air) or using a brush to “paint” surfaces you want to select.
  • To delete a mesh (such as the circular pedestal, or stray polygons floating in the air), select desired polygons then go to Edit>Discard (or just hit the delete key).
  • The Analysis>Inspector tool is pretty great. If you run it on your file it will show a color-coded sphere at every problem point in your mesh; you can left-click on that sphere to try to auto-correct it, or try to auto-correct everything at once. It seems like it would be good to run this AFTER deleting extraneous polygons.
  • When you feel like the model is pretty close–polygon dust is gone, major holes are filled–you can go to Edit>Make Solid.
  • To repair holes, you can also select an area of polygons then Edit>Replace and Fill. There are different options for how to smooth the patched area of mesh, but I found Flat Remeshed to work the best.

I bet some of you (if you took Gabe’s studio?) have more experience in Meshmixer than me. Please feel free to share any tips in the comments section!


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