DD Review: Autonomous Mechanical Station

After talking to two fifth years, I received some very practical feedback.

The first reviewer (Adalina?) said that I had a very interesting project and suggested that the diagrams I make for final review really try to convey the sense of motion and temporarily that’s fundamental to the design. Like I need more magic arrows, and I need more sequenced images. And maybe even motion blur, or low opacity clones of each module moving around.

My wall detail needs a lot more work too. She said it was interesting as is, but there were some fundamental problems with vertical surface and horizontal wall surface connections. I’ll try to go forth and whole sale steal some of those to get it all figured out. She had a lot of experience with wall details after drafting for Shimoda in her LA metro internship.

We talked about her trip to Switzerland with Tom, how trancednet Peter Zumthor’s architecture is, and how she felt like she chose her fourth year program wisely. She gave me some tips for how to approach those programs as I do them next year.

My second reviewer (Allen? Alex?) was a lot more interested in the structural and engineered components of my project. He was concerned for the way the super structure walls might topple and suggested some sort of bracing over the top of the whole thing. He thought my circulation route was clever and encouraged creativity.

His biggest suggestion was that I really need to focus on the diagrams in the same way Adalina suggested. He said that for our final review, it’s unlikely that I’m going to be able to explain all that’s going on in the project and that a diagram that conveys all four dimensions is going to be clutch in making this presentable.

So in conclusion, it’s clearly time to get turnt up and get this model and these diagrams taken care of.


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