[DD] Monument Valley


Our first critic helped a lot with how the structure should go together.  For example, I knew that we needed long-spanning steel trusses for the roof, but she helped explain what kind of secondary structure would be needed and what elements would help to bring the loads to the ground.

Our second critic emphasized that we should begin our presentation talking about how we arrived at our project formally, since they’re such distinct forms and there’s no way for him to know from our drawings.  He also suggested that we don’t have our towers pierce through the roof, since it breaks the continuity of the roof plane and would be too much trouble to try and detail.  He helped a lot with tips on fixing representation as we continue to improve our drawings, explaining what needs to be clearer and what could be omitted.

Overall, we have a strong concept and need to focus our attention on working out the details and creating clearer and more persuasive drawings.  One example is conveying the walkways in our project, since they don’t read clearly in our diagrams or drawings.  After this review, I realized there were a lot of small details that didn’t make sense and need to be resolved.













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