Final Presentation

Three weeks until final review! That should give you time to put together a beautiful presentation of a beautiful project. At this time, it’s important to pivot from thinking purely about “design development,” and to start viewing your project through the lens of how you will present it verbally, graphically, and materially. Going into presentation/production mode doesn’t mean that you stop designing your project–it just means that you are using your final drawings, models, and writing as a way of focusing your design energies into the parts of your project that will actually show up at the review. No one will see your Rhino model; no one will see your sketch book; no one will know what you talked about doing for the last 7 weeks (17 weeks?). In the end, it’s Pics or it didn’t happen.

Download the final review requirements, with exemplary images.

On Wednesday I gave a short presentation with tips on how to organize and structure a poster. Download the presentation on presentations.

The best way to block out a storyboard is to place drawings into a 1:1 scale InDesign layout. At first these might be old drawings or Rhino screenshots, but this helps you understand how much space these drawings actually take up, and how they relate to each other. After you do this a couple times, you can quickly iterate over that with trace paper.

Download 8’x8′ InDesign file.



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