Blog Rules

Please follow these rules when using our blog:

  1. This blog belongs to the entire studio, not just the professor, and you should feel free to use and modify the blog as you see fit. The more you contribute to the blog and use it as a resource, the more it will help you and your colleagues.
  2. My expectation is that this blog serves as a forum for spirited discussions and debate. Please keep online discussions respectful and professional–no insults, no harassment, and no profanity.
  3. Be diligent about tagging your posts. When you submit your work, I will ask for a specific tag that will allow everyone to find your work later (including me when I’m grading). You should also add any other tags that might be useful to others.
  4. When adding images to a post, try to keep them reasonably small (1 MB or less). We have a limited amount of storage space allowed for the “free” version.