SD: The Vault

With the rise of technology, there is no need to separate means of production from testing and selling. That is why The Vault combines product experimentation, invention, testing, and selling in one institution. By aggregating modules that contain labs, housing units and alpha testing pods, the Vault creates a sequential process for product design. A process that starts with the laboratory going through two phases of testing to end up available for purchase by the public in the same building. That process creates an effect of buildings [housing, labs, and alpha testing] within a building [beta testing and retail].

The Vault project intro print



The feedback I got from my critics was much needed and straight to the point. For example, I was told that I need to make the interstitial space in my building more dynamic and fluid to create a feeling that the modules float in an intricate structure. Another note I got was the need to focus on further developing floor plans to where they read as architectural instead of diagrammatic. The critic advised me to use plans as a tool to study circulation and egress which is something I’ve been struggling with. I also received critiques regarding the structure of the building that stressed the need of making a decision weather I want the columns raising the labs to be imbedded in the modules or exposed to where they only lift the modules up. Those where the most critical points I thought I can benefit from.




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